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bio_website_photo_2pinimageThe word legacy has become a strong theme in my life, my business, and my relationship with God. One day while thinking about the larger picture of why I’m a photographer, it occurred to me how important legacy is. The fact that in large part we get to choose the legacy of our life really hit home with me. As a photographer I realized that in the digital era that has erupted over the last ten years,  the days of a traditional photo legacy have been largely diminished into photo discs and facebook posts. For my son’s tenth birthday I decided to surprise him by creating a scrapbook with special photos from his life and writing notes beside each one to tell him little stories about each image. Not only did he love the book, but photo after photo he kept remarking how he had never seen hardly any of them. It made me realize that although I had taken many photos over his lifetime, I had failed to actually print most of them and make them available to my children either in albums or as framed images on the walls. Many of these wonderful moments I saw on a regular basis on my computer were like strangers to my own children. This ignited a desire to make sure my kids grow up with these special memories around them, and also to help families create and preserve quality heirloom products that represent southern family tradition. Because of this our goal has become to provide timeless and classic images that will withstand the trends of time and never go out of style. Just like that beautiful black and white photo of your grandmother holding her first baby, our images are meant to tell your story. In addition to that we are dedicated to providing quality heirloom products such as albums and framed art that can be passed down from generation to generation.