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Family Frequent Questions

What to Wear for a Family Session?

  • What should we wear for our family session? We recommend creating a color palette when choosing outfits for the family. Matchy-matchy shirt colors or styles can look very dated over time but our goal is to create timeless photos that will be gorgeous even fifty years down the road. A good example to aim for would be that Dad has a shirt that is one solid or even a quarter length sleeve rolled shirt with simple detail and colors that would appeal with everyone else’s colors. Mom may have a print blouse or skirt with colors some of which fit Dad’s shirt and some of which fit one of the kids. There are countless ways to do this and we’ve had people with very different colors that still compliment and tie them together with something as simple as a turquoise necklace. Opt on the side of simple over complex outfit patterns. Simple fitted shirts with jeans can absolutely highlight that family togetherness without looking over dressed. I highly recommend jeans with cute shirts and maybe a mix of skirts as opposed to khakis or very dressy clothing as those things tend to look dated as well. The idea is to highlight a beautiful version of who your family is everyday. For larger groups with more than one immediate family we recommend the same idea, but sometimes you can focus specific colors on each family. For instance in a large group of three families each individual family could focus on one palette – but once again remembering that they should all tie in together somehow. This sets the families apart but at the same time brings them together.
  • Are there any colors to stay away from? White and black do not photograph well. Dark navy, or hunter green tend to make subjects fade right into the background. You need to remember that you want to stand apart from the background so bright or simple earth tones are best. Think about the kind of earth tones found in a beautiful photograph… soft orange or peach from a sunset, earth tone teal from the ocean, blue from the sky, even a soft beige that creates a simple look. But remember to stay away from trendy colors or that won’t be appealing in ten years.
  • Are there any items we should stay away from? Fitted items are more flattering than items that flow. With the exception of skirts we find that in photographs with ladies, fitted shirts are more form flattering than shirts that flow away from the body. While loose fitting shirts are often flattering in person they tend to look unflattering in photos. Dad should remember to leave the ball caps or other hats at home as it shadows their face and is always something they regret when seeing the photos.